10 healthy habits before sleep

Feb 14 2016

10 healthy habits before sleep

If you want to feel the best way, pay big attention to your sleep. Logging Zs is an important part of wellness and good feeling. Here are a some tricks to wake up well-rested and ready to rock!

1. Shower.

Body temperature is very important for sleep regulation, so takung shower at night helps handle in that process. You know that warm water makes a effort-down effect – helps you to feel rested when going to bed plus improves the sleep quality.

2. Meditation.

Calm your mind by meditation – it helps with lots of health benefits, including improving sleep. Say few mantras before jumping onto the bed and feel the better difference tomorrow.

3. Personal journal.

Having a hard time falling asleep? Write about it. Since anything that stresses you out may be more easily be let go by physically throwing it away.

4. Water.

A glass of water helps you to wake up hydrated with good dreams.

5. Clean teeth.

It is recommended to brush teeth twice a day. If not the bacteria may build up pretty quicly – so the breath won’t make you happy.

6. Sports.

Sweat before sleep. Sports helps to have better health, but also makes a better night rest.

7. No devices.

Screens are a the most bedroom DON’T. The habit wreaks havoc on anyone’s rest. By the way, the blue light shining from phones, laptops or TVs disrupts people’s sleep cycles! Imagine – just few minutes of scrolling some social networks are harmful. Hope the mobile to wake you up? Well, then leave it out of the bedroom. Or use a regular alarm.

8. Food.

We used to know that it’s bad to eat before bed. But it depends on what you choose. Since some foods help regulate blood sugar if eaten before bed. Had the late night munchies? Cover it with some kiwi – it helps boost your sleep quality.

9. Pets.

Sleeping together with pet disrupts your sleep, but also a pet may help the shuteye! All depends of what type of sleeper you are. Tend to wake up easily? Then manage to keep your little friend far.

10. Time.

It is better to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep, so it really matters – what time you go to bed. Wanna get a good rest? Fall asleep at a time that’s optimizes the sleep hours.

So it’s not that difficult – and the benefits surely outweigh the preparation.

You will say thank yourself in the morning =))

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