10 Unheard Romantic Destinations Around The World

May 23 2015

10 Unheard Romantic Destinations Around The World

10 Unheard Romantic Destinations Around The World, You Must Explore with Your Loved Ones

Honeymooners look up for places which are romantically charged and the places that would offer a different tale to their love life. So keeping in mind the significance of honeymoon and realising the efforts one takes to make it as special as possible, we hereby provide you with the best romantic locations you’ve never heard of but will definitely would want to visit.

1. Islamorada Florida


So the first one being on top of our list is Islamorada, Florida.The place is better known as the village of islands and if one is wanting the spend an exotic holiday without leaving the city, this is the ultimate destination for them.

2. Algarve, Portugal


The contrasting view of the blue crystal clear water and golden hilly cliffs, gives Algarve it’s own European charm. The city discovered in the late fifteenth century has a lot to offer, making it a perfect romantic getaway.

3. Sardinia, Italy


Sardinia comes out to be a perfect Mediterranean holiday spot for couples, the couples who are also looking out for some adventure, this might the perfect pick as the place is quite famous so mountain hiking.

4. Capri, Italy


Capri, the city with the electrifying blue water is situated in the Gulf Of Naples in Italy. The water in the lake Blue Grotto glitters electric blue and this is not it, the place is also famous for it’s rugged landscape and upscale beach resorts.

5. Sintra, Europe


Sintra, a city better known for it’s majestic heritage sites is a small town situated in Portugal. If you and your loved one are really looking for a place with a historic heritage, this might be a perfect place for you. The city is often called a romantic destination because of it’s beautiful architecture and love is in the air kind of ambiance.

6. Heidelberg, Germany


Often regarded as one of the most romantic cities in Germany, Heidelberg is one place you should definitely visit with your loved one. The place provides one with the romantic atmosphere that of the 18th and 19th century. So if you and your partner is wanting to go back in history and make love this is the right place for you

7. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


Cesky Krumlov, is a small town located in the south bohemian region of Czech republic. the place has an ambient that of it’s medieval eras and is also recognised as a world heritage site. the place is gradually becoming one of the world’s hottest romantic destinations.

8. Colmar, France


Colmar is one place which has a lot to offer, from the beautiful sandy beaches to the luscious gandolas, one can never get enough of this small French town. One can undoubtedly fall in love with you loved one again if you visit this town.

9. Gdansk, Poland


Another historical place on our list is Gdansk, Poland. The place is molded and shaped by it’s ancient merchants is probably one romantic location, the city is lusciously filled with markets and sightseeing, one cannot get bored of it any time soon.

10. Langkawi, Malaysia


If your looking for a romantic yet tropical holiday getaway, Langkawi-Malaysia is one perfect place for you. The place is a cluster of 99 islands altogether and this place will keep surprising you with it’s beaches and ambiance.

source: guiddoo

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