17 reasons why staying in Dubai for New Year is the best

Dec 27 2015

17 reasons why staying in Dubai for New Year is the best

1. Because… Brunch
No cooking, no washing up, no pouring your own drink. Need we say any more?

2. If you do stay in, you can get takeaway turkey…
Inviting ten people over for New Year is so stressful. Wait, hold on. All you need to do is call the hotel next door and get them to make the whole dinner.

3. You’ll be at least AED4,000 richer
Use the money you saved on flights to go crazy at the January sales.

4. It’s 25 degrees outside

The idea of a white New Year in Europe might sound good. But the reality is rather different – grey skies, hail stones hitting you in the face and constant wet feet. No thanks.

5. Guaranteed snow at Ski Dubai
Risk the three valleys if you like, but a ski slope that’s open all year round is right on our doorstep. And you can pop to Harvey Nichols for some shopping on your way out.

6. It’s quiet…
Oh so quiet. Your 30 minute commute to work just got cut in half. Cruising down Sheikh Zayed Road like a boss.

7. You don’t have to buy presents for all your friends and family at home
Sorry, they got ‘lost in the post’.

8. You can basically sleep at your desk

Your boss is away, your colleagues are away… Put your feet up and stream Bad Santa on YouTube.

9. The New Year markets are awesome

Nobody does decorations like Dubai. The tree at Madinat Jumeirah is magical, and you don’t need to put on a snow jacket to visit it.

10. You don’t like Uncle Jim that much anyway
You can Skype the family members who you actually want to speak to.

11. You’re part of the inner circle
There’s a strange club that forms between expats who are here over New Year. You’ll find yourself giving knowing looks to strangers in Spinney’s. And when people ask, “have you done a New Year here before?” You can now smugly answer ”yes” knowing that your Dubai initiation is complete.

12. Dubai Mall at 6pm on New Year’s Eve will still be quieter than DXB Airport
Just be grateful that you don’t have to elbow your way through those crowds.

13. Cold turkey sandwiches on the beach on Boxing Day
Leftover New Year dinner has never been so good.

14. Your morning swim on Boxing Day wont make the evening news
Who are those idiots who think it’s funny to dress up in a Santa suit and leap in 6 degree water anyway?

15. You can make your first snowman out of sand
Just imagine how many likes you’ll get for that on Facebook.

16. You can save your annual leave to escape the unbearable heat in summer
You’re the real winner here.

17. And best of all…
It’s too hot to wear an ironic New Year jumper.


source: shortlistdubai

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