8 Proven Lifehacks to Leave Your Bad Mood Behind

Jun 14 2016

8 Proven Lifehacks to Leave Your Bad Mood Behind

From time to time we all face those blue periods in life. We feel overwhelmed with troubles, annoyed, unhappy or even depressed. Our negative emotions prevail and we can do nothing with it! So we deal with what people generally call a bad mood.

A funny fact, but psychologists and physicians have found out a correlation between the way we feel and the processes that take place in our brain and physical body. This means that our emotions are nothing more than a visible sign of what is going on for us internally.

Lets get to the bottom of it before figuring out the ways of fighting with a bad mood.

To sum it up, our hormones and their levels, our daily activities, what we eat, how we sleep, and even the moments of our past, especially from our childhood – all the above mentioned can influence the way we feel.

And if it affects us, we can also manipulate it!

Upraise your mood using the following lifehacks:

1) Understand yourself. Sometimes there is a particular reason for the way we feel. We don’t deny a possibility you could just wake up grumpy, but in the majority of cases there must be something behind it. And if you find a clue, you can walk off your negative feelings and solve the situation.

Understand yourself

2) Let it be. As of the first point all the emotions we feel do not come from nowhere, and to uncork them we should live them over. Anger, irritation, sadness, melancholy, sorrow – are not bad if there is a real reason behind the feeling. Actually it’s impossible feeling happy if you had your wallet stolen or have been fired from work, is it? To say more, there are no good or bad emotions as you may think. We need a combination of both to remain happy.

3) Calm down your inner parents’ voice. Such feelings as guilt, low self-estimation, high inner pressure and exaggerated self-discipline can be rooted in your childhood. We bet sometimes you can still hear inside your mum or dad’s voice saying you loads of ‘musts’ and ‘must-nots’. All you can do here is to realize it was valid when you were a child. Being adult means taking your own decisions and carrying responsibility. So now it’s you who fixes things up!

inner parent

4) Reconsider your task list. What about not doing all the tasks in a row during a single day? Despite the daily routine at work and a lot of house load you also need some time to rest. Be sure to have a small pause for yourself even during the toughest days! How? Simply plan it the way you plan the tasks. That should be easy: 10-minutes coffee-break with a colleague, chatting with friends on Facebook, taking a walk or just having your eyes closed for some time can make miracles. Try it!

reconsider task list

5) Be social. Other people tend to make us happier. A small chat, a tiny smile, discussing the latest football match – take the chance from every single opportunity you have. The scientists have proven that communication can make us feel more alive and understand we are not the ones who are facing life difficulties.

6) Physical activities. Where there is a sound body there must be a sound mind. And it’s true! Try some sports that satisfy you the most. Think of jogging in a beautiful park after a hard working day, some yoga or meditation, dancing or swimming to release your stress. Taking a friend for a walk or to your classes can also be a great idea!


7) Sleep well. A good sleep has an overall impact on the way we feel. Our brain and our physical body should have a good rest after working all day long and a good 7-8 hours sleep is the best solution invented by nature. To get the most out of sleep finish all your daily tasks and take a warm bath an hour before going to bed, a glass of milk with honey can also serve a good turn.


8) Food containing tryptophan. Perhaps you heard, to feel well one should consume healthy and quality food, rich for vitamins and minerals. But sometimes it’s not enough. Can you imagine there is a particular food proven to make us happier? It’s not a joke about eating a banana or a piece of dark chocolate as these products contain tryptophan, a major source for serotonin, so known a ‘hormone of happiness’. So take care of yourself and include in your daily ration some oily sorts of fish, nuts, legumes, beef liver, cheese and mushrooms, which are also teem with tryptophan.

Share with us your ways to make your mood better in comments!





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