GPS Emirates is an online FRIEND for newcomers

Gps Emirates is a true adviser for newcomers. Wether you are a tourist, recently moved to Dubai or yet thinking over.

GPS will guide you through selective places in Dubai and answer all your “HOW’s?” and “WHERE’s?”. No extra-luxury, no quantity. Strictly worthy places and services at a rational price. For you, for your kids, for your home and your guests.

Our team is the UAE based bloggers who united to help newcomers to establish their new life in the new country. Everyone has his own opinion, someone is lavish and someone is not. But what is in common? True Advises.

Welcome to Emirates. Welcome to GPS.

Read, use, rate, comment.
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A_UnlavishpicAnnie Grijalva

“For me Dubai is a unique place in the world because of its diversity and drive. Its super dynamic, fast moving and definitely never boring.”

Anastasia Paniotova

“For me Dubai
is an inspiring desert dream with a fresh wind of new exciting opportunities.”


Olena Flys

“Working mom calling myself a “mamager”:)
The best part in life – is talking to people. That’s my charge resource.”

e-mail_16x16 editor@gpsemirates.com

Katerina Maryenko

“For me Dubai is a dance floor. And my dance is Tango.”



Kenneth Sagar

“Dubai to me is where you can dream and make those dreams come true, Dubai is my home #mydubai.”

Nathan John Alex Dunn

“For me Dubai
is not just a place but it is a second home on its way to being my forever home.”

Editing and Design

Mayya Novytskaya

“For me working in GPS Emirates is an opportunity to express personal creativity, a new experience that will expand my own horizons.”

e-mail_16x16 design@gpsemirates.com

Alex Dyshko

“I believe that being stubborn in rethinking and revisiting all what’s surrounds us within new context can yield fascinating stories, which I implement in GPS Emirates.”

e-mail_16x16 design@gpsemirates.com

Eduard Daling

“To me Dubai is a Great Story. Where people with different nationalities, cultures and religions live together. I tell my story through my camera, and the name of it is LIFE!”

e-mail_16x16 eduard.daling@gmail.com

Bushra Al Talib

Content Manager
“To me Dubai is the mother who grants me the most pure and endless love.”

e-mail_16x16 H00303676@hct.ac.ae


Kate Mogylevska

“When I came to Dubai as a tourist long time back I was charmed by the endless possibilities that this city can offer. Same as most of you, guys. When I finally decided to move , the picture was no longer same bubbly. And frustration came.. Million questions. What to do? How to find a job? How to rent the house? And the most frequent Why everything is so expensive?:)
I was googling day and night. Blogs, websites I found that time were full of quickly written info and ads, ads, ads.
Thousands of people move alone, knowing none in the country. I was really shocked why there were non a single website as a one- stop- shop with all the needed information for a newcomer, that he can trust. That is how the idea came to make an online FRIEND for newcomers. On our website you will find everything you need to establish your new life. Adviser, News, Events, Categories were created for you. You also can book online and call to our concierge for a help. We are a team of bloggers that give you our advises based on our experience. And yes- you can trust us.
Welcome to Emirates. Welcome to GPS”

e-mail_16x16 kate@gpsemirates.com

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