Best places to visit in the UAE to explore the Arab culture

Mar 19 2016

Best places to visit in the UAE to explore the Arab culture

United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular destinations across the world. UAE is right now on the top list of many tourists. They want to explore and visit this country to enjoy its beautiful places and live in its posh atmosphere.

But there is another reason to come here. The UAE is the best place to explore the Arab culture, traditions and history. To know everything about the different tourist destinations, have a look at this review of the best historical places in the United Arab Emirates.

Ras al-Khaimah

Ras al-Khaimah is considered as the most beautiful places of United Arab Emirates. It is known for its past regarding the ancient civilizations that have made an impact on this city in a great way. So it is known by the name of the Ancient City of this country of Arabs. The other name of this city is Julphar. The traditions and other cultural aspects of this city are well maintained from many centuries.

The living culture here is very much traditional and related to the old ways of living of Arabs. The western part of this city is worth-exploring. There are many government offices and commercial companies which are made in a wonderful way. People love making a tour to this city for its superb work-culture and the old ways of living. It gives a sight to know the ancient customs and traditions of Arabs.


Fujairah is an attractive place to visit in the United Arab Emirates. It is also famous as the center of many commercial carriages of this nation. So it is known by the name of Commercial City of Fujairah. This city is a venue for many archaeological and historical sites. You could enjoy going there and quenching your thirst to know about the history of this Arabic land. You could also enjoy doing some exotic sports like scuba diving at the wonderful beaches of this place.

The mountains surrounding this place give a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Once you make a tour to this place, you would not feel like coming back from here. Its attraction and charm is really high and very thought-binding. The best time to click to this place is between the seasons of autumn and spring because during this period the temperature is mild and the rain of the winter season is yet not there.

Bull Butting

Bull Butting is a hot sport in the country United Arab Emirates. It is considered that the dominants who colonized this nation were the initial members who introduced this sport to this land of Arabs. These colonizers were from Portugal who brought this sport between 16th and 17th century. The main city and place where this sport is carried and organized is Fujairah.

People from all the over the world love to gather here and take a view of this unique sport. This one holds the interest of many tourists who are always on the hunt of exploring something adventurous and exciting. It is the hot-favorite sport among the Arabs, especially the ones living in Fujairah. However, it is important for the people to check the timings and schedules of this sport to avoid any delay or changes in the plans of the parties who organize this event here in Fujairah.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village is a place based in the Fujairah city of the nation of the United Arab Emirates. This place gives a glimpse of the way in which the old Arabs use to live. So in a way, it reflects the way in which the traditional Arabic world lives and survives-out. It holds the interest and excitement of many visitors who come to United Arabs Emirates to live a few moments like the typical Arabians.

It is primarily famous for a unique kind of irrigation style called Al Yazrah. In this method, the traditional tools and techniques of farming are used and carried out for the purpose of irrigation and the growth of farming sector. Here many kinds of traditional houses are also built which give a totally traditional look to the whole place. This one is the main attraction of this place and it is the best venue which is liked by many travelers.

Bithna Fort

The Bithna Fort is located near the city Fujairah of the United Arab Emirates. This building is believed to be one of the most cardinal fortresses in the whole nation, especially in the eastern part of the country. People making a stay in Fujairah can easily arrange a tour to this awesome fort and enjoy visiting this place.

There are different kinds of minute design work done on the walls of this fort in order to enhance its decoration related beauty. The people who make a trip to this place do not miss to praise the art work done here and even love taking the pictures of these designs.

Dhayah Fort

The Dhayah Fort is built in one of the famous cities of the United Arab Emirates called Ras al-Khaimah. This is a wonderful venue to visit and explore while making your trip to this nation. You should note this place in your to-do list while planning to visit different cities and places in this Arabian country. This fort is constructed on a hilly area which is facing towards the Gulf part.

In the past this fort was treated as a tower of military that served an important role in the history of the city in which it is built. There is also a long street here which paves a path to the destination of this fort. The building of this fort is made between a garden and mountain. The whole view increases the natural scenic beauty of this place. People love the wonderful views surrounding this amazing place. It is a delight to visit this fort and have a good time here.

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