Celebrate Life

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Mar 03 2015

Celebrate Life

Is it possible to celebrate life on a thin edge, which separates waves of water from waves of sand dunes? The answer is affirmative, once you find the cities of the Gulf on the map of the Middle East Asia. Being almost contrary to what is a traditional notion of a steadily developing city with all those slowly growing layers of buildings, districts and blocks, spiralling out from and around some his- torical core throughout the ages, the futuristic city- scapes of Dubai or financial district of Abu Dhabi are true manifestations of human ability to go be- yond binding conventions of slow evolution.

The cities of the Emirates are often associated with dynamism, innovation, bold initiatives and some- times even more drastic labelling, accompanied by criticism, like in case of an architect Ali Wazani, who denied calling the towers along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai a city for lack of urban planning. But that was some seven years ago, which is quite a big amount of time, if we take into account the un- precedented tempos of construction. But still, the question remains the same: what kind of liveable space spreads before the visitor of United Arab Emirates? What kind of life do local inhabitants en- joy in one of the busiest economical clusters of the planet? What are those places worth visiting after a long working day? Where do your kids get the deserved fun? Is there any nightlife along the cool shores, what energizes youth and brings opportu

nities to relax? What are the coolest destinations for shopping, hanging out with friends or family, go into sports, take care of health? Does the evolv- ing transportation system meet the needs of the communities to reach those destinations? What are the housing possibilities? What is a ‘sweet home’ here, amidst turbulent, busy flows of a modern city life? Why do people love Abu Dhabi so much? Will the Marina district of Dubai ever come up with the Creek Area in terms of authentic urban spirit? What are the directions of the battle with the sea? Will the isles flourish with life?

All these questions and a lot more fall within our focus, and while a passionate editorial team com- bines efforts with numerous contributors in finding the answers, our magazine goes through some ma- jor changes, just like the growing cities of the Gulf. We are proud to turn a new page, whilst feeling both excited and anxious to embark upon this journey. GPS Emirates is now published in a broader, A4 format, with even more content for you to explore: colourful pictures, reports, analytical and entertain- ing texts, tips, hints and a lot of fun along more that 120 pages. The ultimate form is yet to be dis- covered, tested and established, but this particular issue will guide you through eight sections, which cover the most significant aspects of life here, in United Arab Emirates.

Join us and let the discovery begin!

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