Cold Showers: 6 impressive benefits

Cold Shower
Feb 19 2016

Cold Showers: 6 impressive benefits

1) Boosts immune system

Did you know cold showers increase disease-fighting white blood cells? And people who take 2 min cold shower have less colds! They don’t even get a little under-the-weather. Everyone can be sick around them, including everyone in their house, but those people would get out of it 100% fine.

2) Increases muscle recovery

Cold water treats is an effective way for example for athletes to recover from hard training. People who have had a long 24 min cold bath recover faster from sore muscles in 1-4 days after arduous physical exertion.

3) Less stress

If you can hold extreme cold for long time you’ll have toughness both physical and mental – body and mind become hardened due to low temperatures, so increases ability to fight off stress. Cold showers also have a meditative element to it – you are surely rejuvenated and revitalized after it, like all the tension caused by daily stress just go away.

4) Improves mood and treat mood disorders

Cold showers have real capacity to no doubt improve mood. Cold water activates sympathetic nervous system and increases the blood level of beta-endophin and noradreline, so brain work much better as well. Plus did you know the mentioned shower sends an overwhelming number of electrical impulses to brain that cause anti-depressive effect!

So taking non-hot showers every day helps people be more heightened and escape mood disorders like as depression. Cold showers may also be used as a catalyst to get work done – you feel like you’re ready to take over the world, it increases the productivity!

5) Better skin

When usual shower dries up skin, a cold shower never makes you feel like you need to apply lotion immediately after it. It prevents natural oils from being stripped off, tightens your cuticles and pores and prevents them from getting clogged.

6) Increases toughness

The key to toughness is to get used to discomfort. After taking cold showers for a couple of months you’ll be able to withstand extreme temperatures a lot better – having only 1 layer on, whereas everyone else wears 3-4 layers.

A hot shower is not a necessity. There are no health benefits to a hot shower. If you want to improve your overall health take cold showers for a couple of months: start with few min of a bit warm water for the 1st week and then turn the water colder every time. If it’s too difficult for you, start out with a hot shower and turn the water colder after a few min.

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