Sharing in social media may be dangerous

Feb 21 2016

Sharing in social media may be dangerous

Lots of people post their live updates on social media, and the Dubai Police is a bit concerned about it as these are straight tips to criminals. We make ourselves completely unsecured. Social media becomes nowadays a tool that is used by criminals to watch and analyze daily lives of different people so they can later plan a perfect crime against them.

Remember an accident in America when a woman tweeted everything she was doing, eating, watching that a thief could identify perfectly right when she was out of home to brake in and rob her. Because he knew for sure there was no one in the house – her tweets got him informed.

Nowadays many people publish their daily events and activities on different social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – from what they had for breakfast or lunch tagged with places they did it to clubs they attend, exhibitions they visited, parks they walked in. And what is more important – places where they live, kindergartens their kids attend, places where their friends live. They even do share jewelries and cars, expensive places and other staff they buy. It’s like a map for their lives.

Pictures of children tagging kindergartens and schools they visit combined with information of classes, teachers and their best friends together with after-school activities make it critical to inform – social media is not private, beware.

So the advice is not to do tags at regular locations like home, school or work and keep your private life really private. What is especially important for parents – exclude posting all your kids’ details to avoid being watched by suspected criminals.

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