Driving Rules in Dubai

Mar 20 2016

Driving Rules in Dubai

The rapid development of Dubai’s roads and transport network can only work with a system of rules and regulations. Dubai Police and the Roads and Transport Authority play major roles in ensuring safety and traffic regulations and use smart technology to ensure traffic violations are kept to a minimum.

A system of black points leading to confiscation of your driving license is in force to ensure adherence to traffic laws. In case you have broken the traffic or parking laws, you can conveniently pay your fines online, but this facility is normally for minor infringements.

The RTA also advises all motorists to avoid using the road shoulder, except in an emergency. The road shoulder should not be used for taking a rest or using the mobile phone, since it may block an ambulance or police car. The RTA defines an emergency for motorists as exceptional circumstances such as a vehicle breakdown or medical emergency.

Motorists can be fined AED 600 and given six black points on their license for overtaking on the road shoulder, while parking on the road shoulder without just cause can lead additional fines.

To avoid traffic jams and get real-time information about traffic congestion and figure out the fastest route to your destination, you can use the Dalili Navigation System introduced by the RTA on various navigation devices.

Available at most electronic shops and priced between AED 600 to 2000 (depending on brand and features), the devices analyze all traffic data in real-time and provide advice on the best route to reach your destination in the shortest time.

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