Surreal Locations that Evoke Earth’s Mysteries

Oct 26 2015

Surreal Locations that Evoke Earth’s Mysteries

We like to believe that we know a lot about our planet, after all we’ve been living here since time immemorial and our knowledge is passed from generation to generation, so how could we possibly miss something? But nature closely guards some of her secrets, and it has taken planetary scientists years of research to solve some tough ones, but not all. The planet still confounds us with these surreal locations that evoke Earth’s mysteries.

Racetrack Playa, Death Valley USA


Death Valley is one of the most extreme places on the planet; there is hardly any life in this arid, hot climate. Yet, something stirs in this wasteland, but it is not living. Rocks are seemingly tracing across its arid surface.

Blood Falls, Antarctica


Antarctica is the one place that’s not been completely explored, leaving innumerable mysteries unsolved on this vast ice desert. One of them is the Blood Falls, a waterfall that flows from within the ice with an eerie red tinge.

Relampago del Catatumbo, Venezuela


They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. However this doesn’t hold completely true, atleast not at Relampago del Catatumbo. For over 200 nights a year, this place experiences up to 25 lightning strikes per minute.

Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania


Seen from above, the Eye of the Sahara, also known as the ‘Richat Structure’ is a 50km wide landform that closely resembles and eye. The mysterious structure is fully visible from space.

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan


The Door to Hell is right here on Earth; that is if the legends are to be believed. Near the town of Darvaz in Turkmenistan lies a crater that burns with the fury of the underworld and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela


The massive plateau known as Mount Roraima is so striking that geologists ponder on its formation. The 30,000 sq km plateau has sheer cliffs that are impossible to scale.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize


The perfect circle that forms the great blue hole is 300 m wide and 120 m deep, surrounded by blue water, colorful reefs and gorgeous marine life. The chasm is quite a popular diving spot, but how was it formed?



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