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Jul 05 2016


Article prepared by Dubai based blogger Annie Grijalva. 

This post was inspired by a question I got from you guys: Is it better to be an entrepreneur or to have a full time job? I totally get this question thus I decided to sit and write about this. I could go on and write a book about this question. I mean many entrepreneurs out there claim that their lives are much betters than being “trapped” in a 9-pm job. I don’t agree with that at all. I have met people who love their jobs and find fulfillment in their every day tasks. Anyways, entrepreneurs can also find themselves “trapped” between emails and conferences that you don’t necessarily want to attend. These observations lead again to the question: Is it better to be an entrepreneur or to have a full time job?

In order to figure this out, let’s start this debate with 5 simple questions:

1. What challenges would you prefer to deal with?

You do need to know that in any case, be it working as an entrepreneur, or as an employee or as a mom helping around in the house or becoming a backpacker and travel the world, all those lives come with ups and downs. There is no perfect life yet you have the power to chose what type of problems you want to deal with. For some people, it makes sense to deal with problems like dealing with clients and internal issues managing their own business For some other people it makes sense to deal with a boss and funky coworkers. This is your choice. I am not saying that you need to quit your full time job and start selling lemonade, I am saying if your full time job gives you fulfillment, then you are at the right place. The only reasons why a whatever job its okay is when you are going through a life transition (like you are saving to travel the world) or when you are in a part time job so you can do your creative passion after work, whatever! The point is enjoy what you do. Our days are counted here so, why wasting them like that?

2. How do you see yourself living your everyday life?

Personally, I don’t fancy the idea of having a regular job just to text and work here and there, get out a lot for cigarette breaks and complain about work. Or just going to a job 9-5pm to count the days until the weekend arrives, then go out on Thursday night and drink the night away. I can only work in a full time job (which I have done in the past) if its in a great work environment and if the projects that I have to handle require some level of creativity or entrepreneurship. I don’t see myself working for decades in a desk, I guess this has also something to do with our generation. This is why top companies like Google and Pinterest are investing so much on making the work environment so lively.

3. What is it exactly that you enjoy doing?

I love experimenting with words, ideas and meeting new people. I am super curious and I love talking about new ways to grow my business. I started doing my own business not to become rich but to have the wonderful feeling of waking up every day in the morning knowing that I am going to work in a place that I love with good people and definitely with good coffeeIf you are not sure what is it that you enjoy doing, I recommend you to read the book “The crossroads of Should and Must” by Elle Luna. I read it all the time to discover new skills and fun things that I love to do.

4. Are you aware of the sacrifices that it takes?

This life of entrepreneurship requires sacrifices like not having a big job tittle to show off, being flexible with your schedule to work extra hours instead of watching Netflix, becoming minimalist with your wardrobe or waking up early in the morning for that business breakfast or workshop. But that’s okay for me. The other sacrifice is that you can’t just text and wait for your paycheck. You have to move a lot because those paychecks are up to you. And of course, wearing multiple hats such as following up with payments and invoices with clients playing accountant and going to networking events playing Business Development manager.  On the other hand, when you have a full time job the sacrifices that you have to do are that your schedule is not flexible, the paycheck will be the same through the year, no matter how much you work and of course, to stand funky coworkers and bosses here and there. You have to do something that you’re aware of the sacrifices that it takes. You see? None of these lives are easy at all, its just a matter of choosing the lifestyle you would like to have.

5. What type of rewards are you looking for?

Naturally these sacrifices have rewards. Working on your own projects allows you to be flexible with your schedule, to go out to events and sleep late, to set up your own goals and write your own paychecks etc. Now on the other side, having a full time job allows you to have a sustainable income, health insurance for you and your family and a fixed schedule. If you’re looking to make yourself super wealthy then a job won’t give you that, you would need to pursue a career that involves more sales/commissions related rewards. If you’re looking to have a sustainable income to pay off some debt, then a job might be a better route.


Its all about finding fulfillment in what you do, be it a full time job or building a career as an entrepreneur. The grass is never greener on the other side, both sides have challenges and rewards, its up to you to chose which challenges you want to deal with and the amount of rewards you are willing to work for. At least that’s what I think.

What do you you guys think? I would love to know your thoughts about this question.



Source: http://unlavishstyle.com/, “Ask Annie”. 

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