Green Tea VS Black Tea

Mar 14 2016

Green Tea VS Black Tea

Green tea and dark tea are both gotten from the same plant, which is Camellia sinensis. The distinction between these teas is the way the tea leaves were prepared. Green tea is handled insignificantly so it holds its supplements and cell reinforcements level. It has a light, reviving taste, with marginally astringent delayed flavor impression.

Then again, dark tea is produced using tea leaves that have experienced aging or oxidation. The matured leaves give dark tea an exceptional, vigorous taste, particular smell, and severe taste. The tea is likewise darker in shading on account of the darkened tea clears out. Albeit green tea and dark tea are extremely sound beverages, they differ in supplement content. In today’s post, we are posting down the contrasts in the middle of green and dark tea:

Fluoride Content

Dark and green tea advances sound bones and teeth since they are high in fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that triggers the mineralization of tissues that make up the teeth and bones.

All things considered, devouring a lot of fluoride is terrible for the wellbeing as well. Over the top utilization of fluoride could prompt fluoride lethality, dental fluorosis, kidney issues, and gastrointestinal issues. Since green tea contains less fluoride, it is difficult to go over the edge on fluoride.

Cancer prevention agent Level

Dark tea and green tea are stacked with malignancy battling cancer prevention agents yet the last contains more cell reinforcements per serving.

Green tea contains more disease battling supplements than dark tea since it is handled negligibly. At the point when the tea leaves are prepared sure supplements are wrecked. Sadly, cancer prevention agents are extremely delicate to temperature. With negligible handling, green tea holds its cell reinforcement level.

Caffeine Content

Green tea contains lower caffeine at 9 to 50 milligrams contrasted with dark tea’s 42 to 72 milligrams for every glass. Despite the fact that caffeine enhances mental readiness and empowers the body, it is terrible for the heart.

Controls Cholesterol Level

Since green tea contains more cancer prevention agent EGCG than dark tea, it is an extraordinary beverage for those with elevated cholesterol level or harrowed with coronary supply route sickness.

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