How to get Driving License in Dubai

Mar 20 2016

How to get Driving License in Dubai

To obtain a driver’s license in Dubai, you need to be a resident of the United Arab Emirates, with a residence visa issued in Dubai. If you are a resident of Dubai but have a visa issued in another emirate, then you need to obtain a transferal form allowing you to obtain your driver’s license from Dubai. The minimum age for obtaining a drivers license is 18 years.

A point to be noted here is that obtaining a driver’s license in Dubai and obtaining an International driving permit in Dubai is not the same. There are certain specific rules that apply to foreign nationals.

The emirate has certified 36 countries that have a very high international standard of driving, and are on the approved list. Nationals of such countries holding driving licenses can automatically obtain transfers and an UAE license without undergoing any training. If you have never driven before, or do not hold a driving licence that does not fall into this approved list of 36 countries, then you need to undergo training at an authorized driving school before obtaining a license.

Documents required for a Driving License

  • Original and copy of Passport with residence stamp & valid visa
  • No Objection Certificate from employer
  • 8 photographs
  • Eye Test

To apply for a Driving License in Dubai

If you hold proof of residency and are applying for a Dubai driving license, then you will have to undergo a driving course from one of the authorized driving schools in Dubai.

The first step when applying for a driving license is to get an eye test done from your optician or through your driving school. The application form for the driver’s license will have to be typed in Arabic, and your driving school can help you with this. The application form will have to be submitted to the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), after which, you will receive your temporary license.

You will have to carry this temporary license with you when undergoing training.

You will then have to pass all internal tests like the parking and garage tests, before applying for the theory test. When you have passed this test, you can proceed to the road test, during which, you will be given few minutes to demonstrate your skills.

The theory test will include a total of 35 questions on road signals, hazards and guidelines on safe driving. The first 17 questions will focus on general traffic situations, and the candidate will have to answer minimum of 11 corrects to pass. The second segment will have 18 questions pertaining to specific driving license, out of which a minimum of 12 correct answers are required to be eligible for the road test.

When taking up the road test, you will have to carry your passport, driving file, 2 photos, filled up application form and a Dh.200 fee to appear for the road test. The RTA inspector will give a few minutes to demonstrate your driving and anticipatory skills.

If you pass the test, you can collect the approval paper from your inspector and go to the Pass Counter and do the necessary processing formalities. Within a few minutes, you will receive your Driving License and be eligible to drive in Dubai.

If you fail, you will have to register with your driving school for another 7 more classes and get a new road test date.

International Driving Permit

International Driving Permit (IDP) can be acquired by applying through Automobile and Touring Club of UAE (ATCUAE). You will have to be 18 years and above and possess a valid driving license.

For obtaining the IDP, you do not have to attend a driving course, provided, your driving license is from GCC or other Gulf Co-operation countries. However, if you are from a non-GCC country, you will have to obtain a letter from your embassy about the validity of your license and get it typed in Arabic too, if it is not already in Arabic or English.

Expatriates can land themselves in serious trouble if they are caught using unofficial IDPs. Official IDPs are issued exclusively in the Emirates by the ATCUAE.

The IDPs were established in 1949 and 1968 to overcome the hurdles faced by motorists travelling gin foreign countries, due to widely varying requirements for driving licenses. An IDP has several advantages in comparison to domestic driving licences when travelling abroad such as it is a proof that the holder has a valid driving license in their own country. It is printed in ten different languages, and hence, helps overcome language barriers, and document is a useful form of identification in case of lost passport.

Documents require for IDP

  • Copy of UAE Driving License
  • Copy of passport
  • Two passport size photograph

The ATCUAE issues valid international driving license in the country, approved by the Government of UAE. The IDPs are available in the UAE from ATCUAE offices located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah from Emirates Post Offices across the country, from RTA offices in Dubai and several other ATCUAE agents.

The complete list of outlets where official IDPS are available are:

  • Arabian Automobile Association (AAA)
  • Belhasa Advance Motorist (BAM)
  • Belhasa Driving Center (BDC)
  • Dubai National Air Travel Agency (DNATA)
  • Emirates Driving Institute (EDI)
  • Emirates Post Office (EMPOST)
  • EPPCO (ENOC-Tasjeel) (EPPCO)
  • HERTZ Rent a Car
  • IMC Middle East (IMC)
  • Orient Travel Services
  • Road & Transport Authority (RTA)

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