How To Shoot a Perfect Travel Selfie

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Jun 21 2016

How To Shoot a Perfect Travel Selfie

With a world becoming more and more mobile there are more travelling opportunities as well. Nowadays we have in our disposal intercontinental flights, ocean-going ships, intercity buses and trains, which make it possible not only to cross the borders, but to expand the horizons and to explore the world.

Not for nothing they say:

                 “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page”.

 Of course when visiting other countries, we discover new places and have that new experience we would like to remember long time after the trip ends. The best way to capture the moment and to imprint the emotions you have is to take photos during your trip.

It’s more than easy and fast nowadays having your smartphone always with you in your pocket. Just click the camera button to snapshot, and our selfie making tricks will ease the process of the greatest pics creation.

Make an accent on the destination.

Make an accent on the destination.

The main idea of the travel selfie is to show where you are. This means the scenery or the view should be well seen on the shot. It’s for sure, when it comes to your travel pictures, your friends are more likely to be interested to see the places you’ve visited or sights you’ve seen, rather than solely your portraits. So give them what they want! Find a great location, set your front camera mode, estimate composition and only then make a shot. Check to make sure both you and the location look perfectly on the photo.

Forget about traditional and therefore boring tourist sights.

Forget about traditional and therefore boring tourist sights

Ok, we don’t say not to make a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben, but to convey the beauty of the country, think of local vibes that make a difference. Turn off the traditional tourist routes. Believe us or not, but slightly aside the common tourist attractions there is usually an undiscovered beauty of the country with its daily life and traditions. Think of tiny streets, small cafés and unexplored terrains.

Focus & Light.

focus and light

Really, who loves those blurry pictures with no focus? To snap off a good shot it’s important to make a right focus and to take the position in front of the sun or light source. As selfie means having your face and the scenery both captured in a good quality, try to move the camera from side to side to catch a right focus and to plant yourself facing the light. In this case both your face and the background will be depicted in a good quality.

Say no to standard poses.

Say no to standard poses.

Make something interesting and add some motion to your pictures. We make no doubt you’re enjoying your vacations, so show it! Depict yourself while having fun through your travel. You can jump, put your camera upside down, tumble your hair, use weird accessories, smell a rare flower, climb the rock and much more. Feel free to be creative!

Come together.

group selfie

Sometimes it makes much fun to take a group selfie, so why don’t you invite your friends to get into the shot? In case you’re travelling alone there is always someone you meet on your way. A cashier from provincial souvenir shop, a craftsman from authentic local bazaar, a fisherman spinning over the beach or a tuk-tuk driver – normally people are happy to make a picture if you ask them in advance. But remember the except for making shots with women. Sometimes it’s strictly forbidden, especially in Islamic countries.

Invest in a good quality selfie stick.

selfie stick

A good quality selfie stick is an essential accessory for selfie lovers. It helps to catch more view, increases the angle and enables to make a wider range of pictures rather than without it. In case you still don’t obtain one, fix the camera in the position you like and use stationary timer to take your place in front of the lens before snapping a photo.



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