Love myself more

Mar 25 2015

Love myself more

Hi my darlings!
Lets talk about diets, health, love to yourself and self confidence. Yes all Four is One reason Why Our world is full of kids suffering from bulimia and anorexic deceases, unhappy women and men, divorces and even death. Naturally beautiful young girls at the age of 19 are doing plastic surgery, botox, complaining on their fat bellies (which are pretty much flat:) Men are doing shots of steroids spending 24 hours per week at the gym and then surprised why they dont have healthy erection anymore . Why that happens? Just open the TV or any magazine, go to the mall or pay attention on outdoor ads. What do you see? Commercials full of saying “You are not perfect! To be perfect you should buy, use, put, dress, eat, loose this Product”. So our youth and adults are running to plastic surgeons, eating Water, dying in the gym for what? To be in a stream of the Fashion. Must have of the Summer season is 90-60-90 and 6 pax for guys. Looking for that as ideology and sense of life, using all those tools I mentioned below as minimum stupid. Life is enjoyment, happiness and absolutely as much good as you want it to be.
We build our life. Look around. Our world is full of unhappy people, and btw its more common among healthy, wealthy, beautiful ones.
As I always say – if you want to change the world you should start from yourself. But do it right. Summer is coming. And even though we leave in Dubai we all will be traveling and visiting our families or new countries. So after winter some of us gained extra pounds and even if not there are alot of people who are seeking for loosing weight. I love how models look and its perfect if every lady on a planet will look as a model. But it should be healthy and bring satisfaction! I am not fancy about six packs but I am going crazy when guys have strong neck and massive arms. I am not saying, we should stop doing gym and diets we just need to put the right goal and do it right. If you think that being skinny or full of muscles will make u happy- thats a big mistake. It will not. So the aim is wrong from the beginning.

I know allot about diets and healthy eating but I still absolutely sure you can not live on that all your life. Restrictions make us feel constrained. But look around, there are some people who look as icons smiling and eating normally, playing sports for enjoyment and doing yoga. Why? Because when you love yourself you will never put big fat burger at 2 or 3 am in your body to suffer next morning from  stomach pain and worm of conscience.

But there is no limits for your perfection, right?
Lets create the new ideology of being in shape! We play sports for enjoyment, we eat tasty but small healthy portions. Loving and treating ourselves as kings and queens- that might be a good start to better us.

I am starting my own mental diet, feel free to join me and we will meet here every week to share the results. Also join our GPS Emirates Marathon on @gps_emirates instagram page, I promise I will get for the winners very classy prizes.)
My plan for the first week is:
1. Love myself more
2. Love myself more then more
3. Love my self even more then more and more
4. Eating considering points 1.2.3
5. Gym and all the activities I am fancy about

Lets get it started :)
As usual forever yours,
Kate Xxxx

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