Massive recalls of Mars and Snickers bars in 55 countries

Feb 24 2016

Massive recalls of Mars and Snickers bars in 55 countries

A piece of plastic was found in one of the snacks, what was the reason of recalling all the Mars and Snickers bars manufactured in the Dutch factory.

Which means that tons of chocolates are suspected in being unsafe after an accident when a customer in Germany discovers a piece of red plastic in a Snickers bar he has bought last month.

Food Control at Dubai Municipality representatives are going to meet with the Mars’ representatives to see if there are any chocolates here from the batch in question and now are waiting for this meeting result, so the investigations may be revealed to understand whether to finally recall all the chocolates in Dubai.

This accident and activities connected to it also does affect both Milky Way mini chocolates and even some of the boxes of Celebrations. Most European countries as well as Vietnam and Sri Lanka in Asia will be hit by this. As for the moment, there are total 55 countries caught by this circumstance, but the Mars’ representatives do not disclose the full list.

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