Quitting is now usual - thank's, Millennials!

Feb 13 2016

Quitting is now usual – thank’s, Millennials!

Quitting is popular – it has reached the highest level in 7 years.

In general it’s a good sign – economy is bustling if employees don’t stay in the same positions for long. Because it shows they are sure to find another work. But maybe the attitude is even wider – the biggest percentage of workers is of millennials, and they don’t really feel like spending lives at one desk.

For the 2015, middle-aged ones became the largest part of labor market. The millennial workforce grow even more – upcoming graduates plus young immigrants make a big difference. By the way, many millennials prepare to quit their jobs pretty soon – these are professionals born after 1982.

  • 66% think about changing job into another one in about 5 years from now or even sooner,
  • 44% want to quit within 2 years,
  • 25% are about to switch job this year or as they say “do something different.”

Millennials who work are more loyal than the whole population on earth, but not by too much. Since just 29% are going to stay at their current place more than 5 yrs. Hard say if the young workers are acting on their wish to move on.

However there is a reason for both the Millennials and the older employees to think optimistic about their positions future. Employers hired more workers in the end of the previous year than at any point since the end of 2006. If summarising, it’s a pretty good time to be a restless employee.


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