Mystery cable sparks rumours of film shoot in Downtown Dubai

Oct 21 2015

Mystery cable sparks rumours of film shoot in Downtown Dubai

A cable running between two buildings has been spotted in Downtown Dubai, sparking rumours that a movie could be shooting in the area.

Both ‘Kung Fu Yoga‘ and ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ are currently being filmed in the city.

A reader sent in these photos of the cable that appears running from the roof of a building Downtown Dubai to the roof of Dubai Mall.


The reader said: “I think it is preparation for Jackie Chan’s stunt Downtown. He is the sort to jump between buildings for his stunts. I can also see a cable that seems to extend till the roof of Dubai Mall. So maybe he will cross over the fountain and land on the mall’s roof.”

The legendary actor, best known for his stunts, is the star of ‘Kung Fu Yoga’.

 The Dubai Film and TV Commission has said that Chan, 61, will be in the emirate until October 30.

Meanwhile, Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt will also be filming in Abu Dhabi early next month for his upcoming production ‘War Machine’.

source: 7days

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