Timeless and classic materials for outdoor and garden furniture in Dubai

Feb 14 2017

Timeless and classic materials for outdoor and garden furniture in Dubai

They say, that sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax. The point of creating your own outdoor space is relaxation and any weather should make a difference. If you live in Dubai luxury garden furniture are must-haves in this particular region. In other words, it is not possible to live and not enjoy warm weather, breathtaking views and magical sunsets.

Make your choice

Nowadays with the fast technology evolving, there is a huge variety of outdoor furniture, made of the best materials and good quality characteristics, like strength, durability, level of maintenance, withstand during particular climate. When living in Dubai one of the good options is to consider rattan or teak outdoor or garden furniture. Teak and rattan are perfect materials for Dubai`s climate as they provide a high level of resistance to sun and dust, offer durable support. These materials do not lose color through years; vice versa become richer, providing lasting value.

Easy to take care of

No one wants to spend much time cleaning and making outdoor space look fancy and decent. Teak is one of those unique materials that do not need much care. There is a special oil inside of teak wood, which comes out on the surface and takes care of the wood. Because of its special structure, teak is almost impossible to get water soaked, resistant to humidity and rain. It does not rot or mold and it is resistant to any kinds of insects, bugs and white ants. Stains and dirt can easily be removed with help of regular wipes. Teak furniture is definitely easy to maintain. Rattan outdoor or garden furniture is also very easy to take care of. Because of its quite strong structure, rattan is made to withstand sun exposure and resist different outdoor conditions. Rattan is easily maintained by just dusting or wiping with simple cotton cloths.

Go for comfort

Plan smart your outdoor hangout, think of basic things that will bring you comfort and withstand desert sun, heat and dust. You would want to feel comfortable in your outdoor space, to relax and enjoy the weather, fresh air and breath taking views of Dubai. Teak and rattan furniture besides of good quality provides you with the comfort. The great thing is, you can use it outside as well as inside. In addition, you can combine it with a nice fabric such as pillows, soft chair seats, blankets, and make it even more comfortable and stylish. However, teak furniture does not even require any additions to look more comfy and appealing.

Fashion and style

Both rattan and teak furniture are available in different styles and shapes. They will blend perfectly with any other garden or outdoor furniture you already have. For sure, the one should consider the difference in both materials that can influence aesthetic appeal of the outdoor interior. Teak is chic material, which brings a scent of prestige and elegance. Rattan on the other hand goes beautifully along with natural surroundings. Nevertheless, with the right choice, there will not be a problem to make your outdoor space look perfect, as teak and rattan are gorgeous material for outdoor hangout.


Of course, there are lots of materials that are less costly than teak or rattan. However, if you go for quality you should think twice. Rattan and teak outdoor or garden furniture are both made of natural, high quality materials with almost the same price category. Considering a lifetime lasting both of these materials, the investment must be worth it.

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