Ramadan in Dubai 2015

May 26 2015

Ramadan in Dubai 2015

Time period: June to July 2015

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the most important and reflective times in the Islamic calendar.

The holy month of Ramadan in Dubai is marked by a series of Ramadan-related activities, and both public and private organizations host events here for families and friends all through the month.

Residents of various nationalities get together to share the Ramadan spirit and to enjoy the Emirati hospitality including Iftars (the first meal to break the fast). Apart from this, they share other activities being organized like the Holy Quran recital competition, Ramadan Night Market and Ramadan Forum.

The month of Ramadan starts and ends with sighting of new moon. Currently the estimated dates of Ramadan in Dubai are June 18th to 16th July. Muslims fast during this month. The non-Muslims don’t fast, but, they are to refrain from eating and drinking in public places during the day time. Also, consuming alcohol is a serious offence.


It is quieter phase for restaurants too, and majority of hotels offer heavy discounts on rates. Tourists get to enjoy best deals during this time of the year. However, most of the shopping malls are closed. In the evening many hotels put up buffet called Iftar for Muslims who are breaking their fast.

Nightclubs are not open during Ramadan. Those that are open do not have live music or dancing. Shopping malls and supermarkets open later than usual. Work hours are reduced by 2 hours a day during Ramadan. The hours for those in public sector are 9am to 2pm.

There are various educational cultural activities organized during the month, aiming to educate public on Ramadan and how to conduct oneself during the holy month. Annual Quran recital competitions will be held for adults and students with winners earning cash prizes and more.

The activities planned during the month, emphasize the spiritual side of Ramadan Night Market, and remains open until wee hours in the morning, with several shopping and dining options offered. Further, the annual Ramadan Majlis offer the best Arabian cuisine, followed by Iftar every night during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

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source: guide2dubai

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