Ramadan Inspired Fashion Trends and Collections

Jun 18 2016

Ramadan Inspired Fashion Trends and Collections

With a holy month of Ramadan going full blast, a lot of tourists as well as expats living in the United Arab Emirates, are looking for a perfect yet appropriate fancy outfit to go out through a 30-days period of fasting and prayer.

The demand is high still the offer also meets the needs of the pickiest shoppers. Worldwide renowned haute couture designers as well as popular mass-market brands have released their separate Ramadan-inspired collections exclusively tailored to meet the needs of that special holy period in Muslim world.

Among this year favorites Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Femi9, Mango and others can be named.

D&G  oscar de la renta  FEMI9_Ramadan16_1713

So if your trip to Emirates falls into the blessed month of Ramadan, or you just wish your gear to be compatible to local values while staying there, be sure to take extra care of your clothing, as standards may be policed a bit higher than usually during this 30-days period.

Our handy piece of advice will help you to create a chic yet modest look appropriate both for daily promenade or an evening gathering in a luxurious restaurant.

First of all, make no doubt you’re being respectful towards the religion and proper for the occasion. Speaking of the outfit this is all about covered shoulders, preferably long sleeved tops and dresses, and calf-length hems for bottoms and skirts. It’s up to you to cover a head or not, but if you are aimed to visit mosques or some religion places – it’s a must. Go online and look for hijab wearing styles (you can use any beautiful breezy scarf instead as well) to look stylish and in tolerance to the Islamic values.

Secondly, don’t be one-track minded. Ramadan clothing doesn’t always mean to be boring. It can be easily integrated in your typical wardrobe just with some creative details. Think of caftans, kimono sleeves, arabesque inspired accessories, lightweight easy-breezing fabrics, embroidery and loose-fitting silhouettes…

For you to feel even more inspired we have picked our favorite Ramadan looks from Muslim fashionistas across the world.

Scroll down to take a look.

1. Dian Pilangi, @dianpelangi, Indonesian designer, a Muslim fashion icon.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.25.52

2. Dina Torkia, @dinatokio, English fashion designer and blogger.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.27.11

3. Ibtihaj Muhammad, @ibtihajmuhammad, fencing world champion, designer and owner of Louella clothing brand.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

4. Sobi Masood, @sobi1canobi, a student of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, fashion blogger.

Sobi Masood

5. Maryam Asadullah, @sincerelymaryam, a fashion blogger from Houston, Texas.

Maryam Asadullah

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