Top 5 Roofs in Dubai You Can Get to Absolutely Free of Charge

Dubai skyline
Jun 10 2016

Top 5 Roofs in Dubai You Can Get to Absolutely Free of Charge

Dubai is the UAE largest and perhaps the most renowned city in the world. Famous for its lavish life and rapid expansion, it can truly be named a cultural and business hub of the Middle East.

Dubai beaches, luxurious resorts, huge shopping malls and authentic bazaars, various entertainments for any taste have conquered hearts of the most demanded and picky tourists long ago.

But a special mention should be made for the city architecture – a mix of Arabian arabesque style and out-of-the-box contemporary design of fast-growing modern buildings.

Definitely Dubai skyscrapers are famous all over the world with lots of tourists having them in the must-see traveler’s bucket list. Moreover they are willing to observe a splendid view of the city skyline disclosing from the top of the highest buildings.

Today we would like to share with you top 5 Dubai roofs with a free access.

To mention first, it’s fairly easy to get on the roof of any building as mainly the entrance to the roofs remains open, but it’s not that easy if you’re not a customer of that particular hotel, residence or restaurant.

Here we disclose the secrets of most accessible roofs in Dubai.

1. Princess Tower


Where: Dubai Marina

Height: 414 meters

Recognized as the tallest residential building in the world, Princess Tower can boast its magical view on both Dubai Marina and the Palm Jumeraih. To get to the 100th floor of the building you would need to pass the safeguards or to ask some resident to accompany you to the elevator.


2. Dubai Torch (The Marina Torch)

Dubai Torch

Where: Dubai Marina

Height: 348 meters

Being one of the hugest skyscrapers of Dubai skyline the Torch has a splendid view on Dubai Marina and Arabian Gulf coastline. To get to the roof of the building can also be difficult as it’s denied for not residents, but if once there inside, you would need to go to the 60th floor by elevator, get to the fire escape and walk upstairs 26 floors more to get to the roof. But believe us, it is worth it!


3. Khalid Al Attar Tower 2

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Where: 56, Sheikh Zayed Road

Height: 294 meters

Enjoy a splendid view on Dubai Financial Centre from the 66th floor high rooftop of the skyscraper. Simply go up using the elevator and there you are!
4. Chelsea Tower

Chelsea Tower view

Where: Sheikh Zayed Road

Height: 250 meters

Standing out in Dubai skyline due to its distinctive shape, nowadays Chelsea Tower is the 17th highest building of the city. Think of the scenic view over Dubai Financial Centre that can be observed from the rooftop pool among others. All you need is to pass the reception and take an elevator to the last floor.


5. MBK Tower

500px Photo ID: 94011869 - Another day of Dubai rooftopping experience - MBK tower in Business Bay

Where: Sheikh Zayed Road

Height: 200 meters

This skyscraper offers a rushing city view on Business Bay. To get there is much more easier than to other Dubai skyscrapers. Simply take the elevator to the highest floor.


We hope you to would have a distinct and unique Dubai skyline experience!


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