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Jul 07 2016


Everyone loves to travel, but frankly, who really likes to pack?

Especially when traveling a lot in your life, or when you have to move several times from place to place during the single trip, you need to be mobile, but sometimes it becomes a real challenge to put all your necessary stuff in one compact bag.

You can’t avoid taking must-have things anyway, but with our piece of advice you will learn how to take less or at least save your luggage space for souvenirs you would definitely want to buy.

The following packing hacks can really make your travel plans a lot less stressful.

1. Think in details.

Before starting to pack browse the Internet for the things you would really need depending on your travel destination. You won’t go to London without a raincoat, or to the ocean without your bikini. But is there a need for a second cocktail dress when going for a rest to an all inclusive beach hotel with the only option of the night out in the local restaurant? Guess, no. The same goes for the weather. Check out the weather forecast for your dates ahead to take appropriate clothing with you.

2. Make a list. 

It’s really useful to make a list of all the items you are willing to take. Moreover we would also advice to divide it up into sections, such as clothes, shoes, documents, toiletry, other stuff. In this case there is less chance you will forget something, same time you won’t take too much. Make a list like a week before your journey, so that you would have enough time to note the things you need as long as they come into your head. Packing things according to list will help you to avoid last-minute packing panic, and to make all the necessary shopping in advance.

3. The smaller the better.


There are items you can’t do without anywhere. Here we talk about shower products, such as your toothbrush, hair care, shower gel etc. To save some space in your travel kit fill some smaller bottles with your favorite care products, or just buy travel pack format if possible for the products you use.

4. Microfiber towel instead of a regular one.

Have you seen those miracle microfiber towels that can be really big but easily rolled soft edges for tight space? You can use it after bath, as a beach towel, or even as a cover when it’s cold. What is particularly great about them they dry out very quickly even when rolled. And it’s a great solution for people just crazy about personal grooming, as you will always have your own towel with you! Search your local sport stores to obtain the one for you.

5. Roll instead of fold.

roll don't fold

It does matter how you pack. Rolling your clothes will not only save space, but it will cause less wrinkles in your clothing.

6. Better to buy than to carry.

If you definitely know you would be able to buy something by the quite affordable price or the hotel you stay in will provide the necessary stuff, it doesn’t worth to carry it with you. But check it out ahead.

7. Mix-and-match clothing.

mix-and-match clothes

In every girl’s wardrobe there is always a list of her favorite clothes, but this doesn’t mean you need to take everything with you. Try to think in the way of layering and matching clothing, creating different looks swapping just the only item. Accessories can be of great help here.

8. Include your favorite wide scarf in your packing list.

You would ask us why, but in a vast range of situations a lightweight wide scarf can really be your lifesaver. You can put it in your purse to have it always at hand in case of nasty weather, to cover your shoulders when sun-burnt or to cover up for appropriate look when visiting a church or a mosque. It can serve as a light blanket as well during a long flight or overnight bus travel.



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