UAE breaks record for largest synchronised car dance

Nov 29 2015

UAE breaks record for largest synchronised car dance

The UAE recently broke the record for the largest synchronised car dance, making it the new Guinness World Record holder.

121 cars in a rainbow of colours took part in the desert dance, creating an 80 meter wide circle surrounding a peace sign. The stunt was performed as part of a Pepsi short film called Black Knight Decoded, which incorporates a ‘Pepsi Challenge’ in 11 different countries and features footage shot from space.

Other countries to take part include China, India, Mexico, Poland, Australia and Russia.

David Oyelowo and Frieda Pinto star in the short film, which tells the story of a father and daughter who attempt to decode messages from a satellite.

Oh and did we mention that Usher does the soundtrack? No expense spared…



source: shortlistdubai

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