UAE ranked as the most prosperous nation in the region

Nov 24 2015

UAE ranked as the most prosperous nation in the region

The UAE has retained its top position as the most prosperous nation in MENA region, and continues being ranked among Top 30 most prosperous nations in the world, despite slipping two slots in the 2015 rankings, due to weakening global oil prices.

The ‘Prosperity Index 2015’ by the London-based think tank Legatum Institute, says that UAE ranks the first in MENA region, and 30th globally. Annual Prosperity Index ranks 142 countries across eight categories – the Economy, Governance, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Health, Safety and Security, Personal Freedom and Social Capital.

UAE’s best performance is in the Economy sub-index, ranking 21st in 2015. The five countries in the region that made it to the Global Top 50, are UAE (global rank No.30), Kuwait (No.36), Saudi Arabia (No.42), Turkey (No.48) and Morocco (No.49).


Norway has been ranked as the most prosperous country in the world for the seventh year in a row, followed by Switzerland ranked 2nd in the index, Denmark being 3rd.

Among the lease prosperous countries are the countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Central African Republic. Some countries in the Middle East like Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen also performed poorly.

The Director of Prosperity Index, Nathan Gamester, said that Prosperity Index tells us that human progress goes beyond economics. Norway and other countries at the top of index offers opportunity and freedom to their nationals, access to quality healthcare and education and offers safe environment for people to flourish in. The index shows that the world is growing to be prosperous, but, ominous developments suggest that this cannot, however, be taken for granted, he said.


source: guide2dubai

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