UAE’s chilly weather set to continue into next week

Jan 30 2016

UAE’s chilly weather set to continue into next week

Cooler weather and cloud is expected to stubbornly sit over much of the UAE for the next couple of days as a weather depression pulls cold air in from the eastern Mediterranean, but experts insist it is nothing unusual at this time of year.

Forecasters say the current low temperatures in the UAE should be expected during winter, with a second weather pattern sweeping in from Siberia likely to bring more unsettled weather into February.

Cloud and daytime temperatures averaging just 18°C this weekend will continue into next week, as a low pressure weather system sits over much of the country.

Annual averages for January are at 19°C with average highs of 23°C and lows of 14°C, but meteorologists are predicting it could get as cool as 10°C overnight next week.

Shawky Abu Ahmed, a senior forecaster at the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology in Abu Dhabi, said a low pressure weather system hanging over the UAE is likely to last up to four days, before a brief respite of clear skies, and then a return to another unsettled weather pattern.

“As we have seen in previous years, our area is affected from travelling weather depressions travelling from west to east,” he said.

“The axis of this depression during winter has a significant impact on our region, and is the reason why we are seeing this cloud and rain.

“After moving from the eastern Mediterranean towards the northern areas of Saudi Arabia and then it hits the UAE.

“A high pressure weather system is following, so we will soon see better weather again over Saudi Arabia, the northern Gulf and Iran. Then there will be colder air coming down from Siberia that will be bring cooler temperatures, but this is normal at this time of year.

“This second low pressure weather system will last for about a week, and pull more humidity from the Arabian Sea so we will see more cloud and rain, similar to the weather we have seen in mid-January.”



source: thenational

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