Whatever you do - do it with love!

Mar 25 2015

Whatever you do – do it with love!

Hi my loved ones! I am not a writer so it will be funny :) My team insisted on me starting a blog as a founder of GPS Emirates. So don’t judge strictly its all their fault and responsibility:))

Todays topic is How did we start..

First of all I wanna say that you have to live with a strong belief EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and You are in charge of your own life. Noone and nothing can be a reason for you to give up on the way to your goal.

When I was 16 I decided on my dream aim in my career -to build the largest media agency in the world:) i didn’t know what is media but I was charmed by advertisement, tv commercials, marketing tools and all great possibilities that branding does. Me and my 2 friends started our own business in the age of 17. We were young, crazy  and fearless. We began with the events, beauty contests and were growing step by step with that. Of course, falling down, loosing money then standing up again and getting back on a track. It was more fun then business actually but it was a good “business school live” :)
In 2011 I travelled to Dubai for a week of vocation. And I fall in love with the city ! People were social, bubbly and smiling all the time. Working, living, loving, the picture looked awesome. After a year of traveling back and force I finally moved here.  Loads of things happened that I decided to erase from my memory. Now looking back, I can say that I am grateful for everyday of my life, for lessons, for people, disappointments, positive and negative emotions because IT and They made me the way I am. Absolutely different, happy person who starts her day with a big smile and going to bed with even the bigger one.

I believe in power of the thought. If you really want something and doing steps forward- all Universe will help you to attain that. As I dreamt about media as my business The magazine was not something weird to happen. And the GPS that u see now was coming in this life facing allot of changes. The start was with the Russian version under different name couple of years back and it didn’t work out for me, then booklets with vouchers, after we did a small bilingual GPS for tourists. And one day I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea of creating something different. A real day to day lifestyle magazine for newcomers to UAE. With advices, useful non commercial information, real stories and something that will actually help people. I took a pen and paper and during couple of hours I made up all the sections and plan for the content.

I remember all difficulties with Organizing my life when I moved to Dubai. Appartment, bank account, DEWA, driving licence ohhhh… I was lost and thanks God I already had friends here ( enormous thanks to all my friends and blessings to my brother I.H. You are my soulmate, my teacher, my family, I truly love you )
But majority of newcomers have to deal with all unfamiliar stuff by themselves.  I spoke to my team (that time it was only 3 of us) so we agreed on doing a print adviser for those people, who are moving alone… Idea was clear, but how to do it live – was a question. Again I want to repeat, that our fear is our biggest enemy. Knowing that simple rule I said to myself WE WILL DO IT. Alex our designer one of the most talented guys I ever met asked me How do I see the magazine. I said – I want it to be an Icon. Dilara, who is with me through all years supporting all my crazy ideas approvingly smiled and we started.
We made our first GPS the way you use it nowadays in ONE month and it was perfect!  in our own style – which is the big achievement of Alex and yessss, it is an Icon for 25 000 people already.
Till now I cant believe how did we manage to do 152 A4 pages in 30 days, creating the new team, concept, logo, content, pictures and keeping ourselves motivated. It was a mix of God’s help, magic and hard work 14 h per day.

We published and people loved it! Which meant we were on the right track!
Also we found out that there is a big audience still back home planning to move in UAE and they need to know this info. Some of them are looking for job, some just need to know the basics of the UAE life to make up their mind. Thats why we put an aggressive effort on digital version, social media, our website, now we are working on mobile app and concierge service. We also do an online monthly newsletter full of promotions, discounts and gift vouchers. Why not to save money, right?:) You can subscribe for it through our website very easy and absolutely for free guys. We also publish some promotions on our instagram page @gps_emirates and we do contests in our facebook GPS Emirates page. So feel free to use any.

And the last what I want to add here – I believe that you can be successful and happy only when you do something good for people, your work has to help others. I wish one day we would be able to do something big for a mankind, but at least if we can help some of you guys with our advices on how to start your new life in a new country – its a good achievement for us. So please, whatever you need – text us. We are available 24/7 on your social media pages and here. All our team which is 7 people now are young, active, in love with this world and willing to help. Life is an energy flow. If we want to make this world better – we should start from ourselves.

Remember, whatever you do – do it with love xxx

Always yours,

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