24 Things That Happen When You Move To Dubai

May 29 2015

24 Things That Happen When You Move To Dubai

1. You land in the city and are swept off your feet by its cleanliness and beauty.


2. A couple weeks in, you’ve already spent a ton of money.


3. While instinctively converting dirhams to your home currency, in your head.


Whaaaaat? I could get this for like a thousand rupees back home!

4. You let yourself loose on the food. Oh god, the fooood.

Sheikh Mohammed coffee mugs, keychains, or just random building-tall posters, you name it.

12. You very quickly pick up the basic arabic you need to survive here.


(Normally occurs when you Skype with a family member back home and they tell you your face looks rounder.)

16. Every few weeks you recall something from home and get emotionally tender.


17. As soon as you’re over with your tourist phase, you start hating how many there are.


Every season is holiday season.

18. Your first ramadan is tricky because you keep forgetting you can in trouble for drinking water in public.

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